Side Stories

Alliance (Beginner)

Alliance Campaign

Story contributed by: Ashianyl
Mission 1

Mission 1

Sir Alexus had hoped to deter bandit raids by stationing a garrison of knights at Holden Pass. He could never have known that bandits would be the least of his worries.

Some days after the men had set up camp at the pass, the boundary between the Bremen lands and the harsh desert of Aisyrria, a group of armed riders was seen in the distance approaching at a furious pace.

Believing the group to be raiders, Alexus summoned one of his scouts and said, "Alert the men. We will ride out and intercept them. I want them captured and brought back for questioning."

Mission 2

Alexus had underestimated the raiders. He had been concentrating so hard on stopping the main force that a group of archers had managed to sneak into a flanking position, ambushing his men as they left camp.

Not willing to sacrifice his troops unnecessarily, Alexus ordered his men to engage the archers instead.

Mission 3

Mission 3

The remaining archers quickly withdrew from their position once the main raider force was no longer in sight.

To cover their own escape, the archers unleashed a small band of undead skeletal warriors to delay the advancing knights. Mission 4

Although the skeleton warriors were easily dispatched, the magic that kept them animated were rather potent.

The broken bones mended, knitting together into a far more hideous and deadly form.

Mission 18

Mission 5

With wounded men to tend to, Alexus knew that his army could not catch the fleeing desert raiders. He called one of his lieutenants to his side. "Fearghal take command of the men. I will assemble a small party and give chase," he commanded.

Alexus followed the fleeing group’s tracks with ease. It was as if they wanted him to find them. Sure enough, their trap laid, another detachment of raiders were waiting for the group.

Mission 6

Alexus continued the chase to Terra, a small mining town. Not in the mood to be subtle, Alexus shouted, "Where are they?"

Several villagers timidly pointed towards a seedy looking inn. The knights rushed in, only to be greeted by a menacing group of cutthroats.

Mission 6

Mission 7

The beaten cutthroats were being arrested when a group of charming ladies descended upon the knights with praises and thanks.

The momentary distraction was all the cutthroats needed to escape. Alexus was not amused and ordered his men to snap out of their stupor, but the ladies were not so easily ignored.

Mission 8 The knights chased the fleeing bandits into the streets, but stopped pursuit at the town gates; fast approaching was a caravan with the riders screaming for help. Giving chase were a swarm of winged creatures.

"Forget about the bandits!" cried Alexus. "Protect the people. Kill the demons!"

Mission 8

Mission 9

Having defeated the winged demons, Alexus noticed an even larger force of monsters approaching by foot.

Ordering his men to retreat to the gates of Terra, he quickly devised a defensive strategy that would hold off the demonic forces and enable the townsfolk to flee.

Mission 10 Despite holding the line, Alexus knew his men could not withstand a second assault by the demons. Fortunately, Fearghal arrived with the rest of the Bremen forces as the demonic army descended upon the town.

"Well met, brother!" shouted Alexus with a wide grin.



The knights held the town gates. The thankful township celebrated and showed their appreciation with showers of gifts for the knights. Alexus told his men that they had earned the reward, but cautioned them to remain vigilant.

Leaving the soldiers to their celebrations, Alexus summoned Fearghal and the other officers. "Chaotic forces are on the march again and the people will need our protection more than ever," he said grimly. "I fear that this may be the beginning of a far greater threat." In agreement the commanders began to plan their next move.

Revenge of Chaos (Beginner)

Revenge of Chaos

Story contributed by: Ashianyl
Mission 28

The Chaos Demons had returned, and war is inevitable. To tip the scales of war in the demons favour, Lord Baphemot had been sent on a very important mission.

Mission 1

The morning sun was blotted out by clouds of ash and soot. Where the demons marched, the earth was left scorched and black. Baphemot's army had marched unopposed for the past two days since the ancient wards keeping the demons locked away had weakened and fallen, but today would be different. Baphemot had found his first real challenge, a group of human Knights.

He watched them with bloodlust, letting out a great, howling battle cry. "Charge!” He bellowed, gesturing toward the force. “Take their heads! Burn everything!"

Mission 2

The lesser demons feasted on the fallen knights with fervour. Their frenzied nature gave pause to the battle, and the surprised knights took the opportunity to regroup into a more defensible formation. Baphemot was not amused, and proceeded to crush a few of his own demons. “Fools! The humans are not yet finished. Their mages gather. Destroy them!”

Mission 31

Mission 3

The bloodshed appeared meaningless. The demons were simply destroying everything in their path, and the knights that now lay bleeding and mangled before them were no exception. Baphemot himself would have been content to chase the few fleeing survivors, but he had his orders.

"Lord Balar wants the Magna crystals from that mining settlement.” He gathered his force motioning to their quarry, a small town not far from the battlefield. “Get the crystals and kill anyone who stands in our way!" Surely enough a force of terrified militia were already preparing the town’s defences.

Mission 4

The Militia’s meagre force was no match for the demonic onslaught and town was in flames by the time the demons ransacked it for all the Magna shards.

As the demon army prepared to leave the charred remains of the settlement behind, another group of humans appeared to oppose them. “Qabal!” hissed Baphemot with rage.

Mission 35

Mission 5

Hit and run tactics were the preferred fighting styles of the Qabal, and Baphemot was learning this first hand. Even as the first attack wave withdrew, the second one came from the rear flank. Baphemot’s anger grew.

It was the Qabal who had sealed the demons away in Mount Qaranth all those years ago, and to fall to the them here would be an eternal shame.

Mission 6

Baphemot realised the danger of fighting the Qabal within the confines of the town. Even in the ruins there were still far too many places for them to hide. The demons fled with their precious Magna cargo through the remains of town gates and into the open field.

"Come, Qabal scum!” The demon roared defiantly. “You can’t hide from us here." The attackers seemed undaunted, chasing the demons into the open. Baphemot grinned at the Qabal warriors. “You’re mine now,” he thought, licking his lips.

Mission 38

Mission 7

With the Qabal forced to retreat, Baphemot too ordered a withdrawal of his own forces. He had a mission to complete, after all. Unknown to the demon the victory would be short lived.

The corpses of the fallen Qabal began to rise forming into a new deadly force. The walking dead were joined by the skeletal shadows of knights and an undead army now surrounded the demons.

“The Deathless,” hissed Baphemot. He howled with rage, realizing he had been tricked into creating an army. “Destroy them!”

Mission 8

The undead continued to rise from the corpses of knights and vagabonds alike. Baphemot swore he could hear hollow, maniacal, laughter on the breeze. To sustain so many skeletons, powerful magic had to be at work here which could only mean one thing.

"Curse you, necromancer! I will tear you apart when I find you!" howled the demon as he searched for the hidden mage he knew had to be manipulating the dead.

Mission 44

Mission 9

As more undead rose, a cold, whispering voice reached Baphemot’s ears. “My need for those Magna shards is greater than yours, demon lord. Why don’t you drop them and flee while you are able?” The demon lord’s rage intensified.

Mission 10

Wave upon wave of undead fell shattered to the ground but for every destroyed enemy another seemed to rise to take its place. Knowing what their lord would do to them if the battle was lost, the demons fought on relentlessly.

The necromancer stepped out from the shadows. “I am impressed, demon, but all things must fall before the might of the Twilight Council.” From his robes, he pulled out an Orb of Necros. This powerful artifact would make the battle ten times more difficult to win. It was a focus of necromantic magic, amplifying power of those that held it. Taunting the demon, the necromancer allowed his troops to close in around him, vanishing again from sight.

CCM final


The undead horde kept reviving. Not willing to play the necromancer's game, Baphemot grabbed an exploding imp and hurled the creature across the field. The blast cleared a path towards the necromancer, and Baphemot charged. The necromancer, unwilling to face the demon lord in a straight fight, muttered a spell and disappeared. The undead army crumbled to dust.

Baphemot screamed in rage. He vowed to himself that this insult would not stand and that he would personally dismember the Twilight Council and take great pleasure in dealing with that necromancer himself. For now he had a more important task and with his blood thirst quenched, he gathered his minions and prepared to march home.

Haunted Castle (Normal)

Haunted Castle

Mission 16

Sayeed assembled Qabal`s finest recruits and led them on their first mission.

Mission 1

As a trader of secrets, Sayeed has a network of spies and agents covering the northern lands. Recently, several of his trusted agents went missing around Castle of Lorke, a small Breman holding. Fearing the worst, Sayeed decided to lead a troop and get to the bottom of the mystery. "The castle is under attack by Twilight zombies, as last reported by our agent three days ago. We have to slip through the ranks of the zombies and infiltrate the castle," Sayeed ordered.

Mission 2

Sayeed's agent has told him of an escape tunnel reserved for royalty in times of trouble. As the Qabals head towards the castle's wall, they came across a macabre scene. "Well, well, what do we have here… a troop of thieves out for some mischief," a voice drawled out from the shadows. "Vampires," said Sayeed to his men. "Like vultures, they have come out to feed on the injured casualties of war. Be cautious of their attacks!"

Mission 12

Mission 3

Sayeed unleashed a bolt at the vampires and turned to his men, "There will be more of them, let’s get in." With a touch of magic and a word of command, a huge boulder swung aside to reveal a passage to the castle's courtyard. A tower more heavily guarded than the others, seems suspicious to the Qabals. With a few deft motions of his hands, Sayeed signaled his men to take out the guards quietly.

Mission 4

Once the guards were taken care of, Sayeed knew they need to move fast. For a moment, he caught the glimpse of a beautiful lady looking down from the stairs. "That is the Lady of Lorke, after her!" Sayeed commanded. The Qabals gave chase and entered a room where a group of soldiers and casters are waiting to ambush them.

Mission 17

Mission 5

"This is the only place she could hide," thought Sayeed. He raised his staff and blasted the door with a magical bolt. From within, came a sickening sound of inhuman cries. Sayeed quickly rallied his men. "Qabals! We face our ancient foes tonight."

Mission 6

After the Qabals fend off the first batch of imps, Sayeed and his men cautiously made their way into the room. "Stay alert, they would not let us off so easy," Sayeed instructed the rest. A woman's laughter rang from the far end of the room. "Couldn’t mind your own business could you, Qabals," the voice sneered. "Why don’t you burn in hell!"

Mission 20

Mission 7

Sayeed looked at the beautiful lady whose voice taunted him just now. Lady Arianna's face was youthful and flawless, very different from the visage he recalled of the seventy year old baroness. "What have you done Lady Arianna?" called out Sayeed. "Why would you sacrifice your son and the honour of your family?" "Does it matter?" Arianna replied. "I'm youthful, and soon I will control all the zombies. I will be so powerful that Chaos would make me eternal as one of them." "They are here," she whispered.

Mission 8

Lady Arianna was greatly injured by a stray bolt of magic during the battle. Demons that survived the battle has all fled.

Sayeed would have left the baroness there in the burning room, but he needed information and right now, Arianna was the only one who could give it. Sayeed called out to the rest of the Qabals, "We need to get her to safety. Look out for soldiers and Demons. They might ambush us along the way."

Mission 22

Mission 9

Sayeed gently lowered Arianna to the ground and heard her weak mutterings. "It failed. My experiments have failed. I cannot control the zombies. The Demons would not help me anymore." "Arianna, I need to know, what are the demons after?" asked Sayeed, his tone stern. With what little life left in her, Lady Arianna whispered the answer. Before Sayeed could look up, a Hvrock screeched and swoop down in front of him. "The artifact is ours, you little thief!" it screeched. "It will never be yours, Demon!" replied Sayeed with a cold smile.

Mission 10

In the garden, Sayeed found the statue as told by Lady Arianna. With a magical bolt, he crushed the statue and retrieved the hidden artifact within. "The Claw of Decay, an artifact of the Twilight Deathless. This should stop it from calling the zombies," thought Sayeed as he weaved a magical barrier over the artifact. "By order of the Lord Protector, you are all under arrest!" shouted Sir Alexus as he appeared with his troops. "Meddlesome knights," said Sayeed. The Qabal assassins quickly released smoke screen to cover their escape.



It was easy for the Qabals to elude the fumbling knights and regrouped at the nearby forest. Sayeed was very pleased with his troop. "We are one step ahead of Chaos this time. Although this artifact belongs to the dark Twilight masters, you all have done well to prevent it from falling into our enemy's hand." "You have proven your worth as Qabal warriors," said Sayeed to his men. "Return to your stations and keep your identities hidden. We shall meet again soon for our next mission."

The Specter's Promise (Normal)

The Specter's Promise

Mission 29

A promise made must be kept. Saira must meet with the undead Specters and reclaim her birthright.

Mission 1

Diplomacy was not Saira's strongest point, but who was she to argue when Shula decided that she would lead a mission to enlist the help of the undead Specters. That was the reason she was now at the catacombs underneath the ruins of Angra. Without warning, a ghostly form appeared out of nowhere and attacked. "So much for diplomacy," thought Saira.

Mission 2

"You are a worthy foe, young one," said Specter Queen. Saira replied, "Great Queen, my kin once shared a great trust with you. I came to renew that trust and reclaim what was promised."

The Specter Queen sighed wistfully, "Alas, the agreement is void and my new allegiance has bound my hands."

With a loud crack, the tombs in the catacomb opened and revealed vampires and zombies. Saira calmly assessed the situation and gave the command, "Strike hard and hold them back!"

Mission 34

Mission 3

"What happened?" asked Ayesha. Saira looked at her second-in command and explained, "The zombies and vampires have joined forces to attack us. And the specters were on their side as well. We need to report this to Shula."

"That is not all. While you were inside the catacombs, the skeletons have surrounded us. Get your horses, we will have to break through their trap," said Ayesha.

Mission 4

The journey home for Saira would not go smoothly, as her scouts spied a large troop of knights at Holden Pass. "General Saira, there are healers and casters with them as well," said the scout.

"This is bad luck, just when we are so near to the border!" said Ayesha. There was a pause before Saira replied, "They may outnumber us, but I have a plan." Saira quickly instruct the rest of her troop,

"We need speed and fortitude. Snipers ride ahead. The rest dodge the Knights and put on your magic ward!"

Mission 39

Mission 5

The Knights were gaining fast on the Qabals. Saira diverted the chase to where an ambush was set. Her snipers released volley after volley of arrows at the knights hoping to surprise them and create confusion.

However, the Knights were experienced in warfare and they rallied around their leader with their shields up. Saira called out to Ayesha, "Looks like the Knights are taking precaution. Gather the casters and hassle them a little."

Mission 6

The ambush bought the Qabals precious time to restock their supplies at a border town. Saira was at the market when she noticed a great commotion created by the arrival of the Knights. "Look! Look! That is Sir Alexus and his men," cried out a street kid to his friends.

Saira smiled to herself and thought, "So Alexus did decide to take up the chase himself. Lucky I got Cut-Throat and his boys to help delay the Knights."

Mission 45

Mission 7

The Qabals rode their horses swiftly to leave town while the Knights were bogged down by skirmishes with thugs. Saira was far from relieved when she saw smoke in the desert.

Approaching the scene, they saw Chaos demons attacking a Qabalist trade caravan and heard the screams of agony from children and women. Without hesitation, Saira and her warriors rushed towards the demons with their weapons drawn.

Mission 8

"I need some time to work a spell. Help me create a diversion!" said Ayesha to her leader. Saira cursed, as the Chaos horde outnumbered the Qabals, three to one.

There were sounds of approaching riders. "The Knights are here!", one of Saira's men raised the alarm. "Perfect!" said Saira. She quickly directed her troops to drive the Chaos demons towards the Knights.

"Listen up! Once the Knights joined the fight, collect those who are injured and leave immediately!" Saira ordered.

Mission 47

Mission 9

"For once the Knights are useful," Saira thought, as the Qabals swiftly rode away.

Without warning, Saira's horse swerved madly as creatures of fire appeared. "Give us the artifact, witches!" Cerberus growled. Beside him, Caliotis appeared. "We know why you met with the Specters, General Saira. Give me the artifact and I will spare your people," the female demon coaxed.

"I do not have it and you know I speak the truth! Don't waste our time, Demon Lords! Begone!" Saira led her people to launch an attack.

Mission 10

Back at the hidden city, Saira revealed the turn of events to Shula, the leader of Crescent Moon. "I did not expect interference from other Twilight Deathless," mused Shula. "But did you carry out the second plan?"

Saira nodded and took out a package she kept safe since the raid at the catacombs of Angra. "Skull of Rhion, the Specter Queen," said Saira as she handed the bag over to Shula. Shula smiled and replied, "Well done. Get ready your warriors as I summoned the specters. We will have to persuade them to accept the deal."

"Draw your weapons!" Saira gave the command.

CSMfinal CresentBow


Suddenly a bow and a quiver of arrows materialised out of empty air and dropped in front of Saira.

"You've won. Take the artifact and returned my bones to rest," the Specter Queen`s voice thundered around the room. Saira hold up the Crescent Bow, and admired the power that course within it. The bow has the ability to strike fear into her enemy`s heart, causing direct damage to their morale.

"Yes, what was promised has been fulfilled. But pray, tell me Specter Queen, who can declare the agreement void when it is made upon the blood of my family?"

The Specter Queen gave only a shrill mocking laughter as she faded into oblivion.

Nature Under Attack! (Normal)

Nature Under Attack!

Mission 48

With their southern lands under siege by Chaos, Nature Faction is at their most vulnerable state. This is when Twilight decided to put their plans into motion.

Mission 1

Kael Lorithien looked up from his map when he heard approaching footsteps. “Lord Kael, the scouts found an army of Twilight horrors not far from the Eastern outpost,” Lashrael reported. “ By the looks of it, they will reach us by nightfall.” Kael acknowledged the report with a nod.

“With Chaos attacking our southern lands, it is unfortunate that other factions would take advantage of us. But we have anticipated this and we are prepared to hold them off,” replied Kael. “Send Alya Wynd to the front. Break the first wave of invaders!”

Mission 2

The battle at the Eastern outpost was fierce as armies from both sides had put up a good fight. “Ambrosia has been busy. The vampires had gained a spell for transformation,” said Kael Lorithien aloud as he observed the battle from the tree tower.

“It is time to send in reinforcement for the archers, before Ambrosia releases her giant bats.“ Confident in the knowledge that his captains and troops are ready in their positions, Kael raised the signal to launch the second wave of attack.

Mission 51

Mission 3

Kael smiled as the battle unfolds according to his plan. Suddenly, a ghastly cry filled the air and sent a wave of surprise across the battlefield. Nature`s troops quickly regrouped in their formations while their captains assessed the new threat.

Not far from the forest edge, green mist appeared and strange unseemly creatures emerged and assembled themselves into a Bone Dragon and other monstrosities. Kael gave the order to the tree warden, “Lashrael, send the pixies out to play.” Lashrael bowed and left the tower with a smile on her face.

Mission 4

Kael laughed out loud when he saw that the Necromancer has conjured up another troop of skeletal army. “Ah, the Necromancer is quite clever. I guess we have to show him who is more superior in archery!”

Without hesitation, Kael issued an instruction to Cyread to lead the next wave of attack.

Mission 52

Mission 5

Kael did not anticipate the usage of powerful artifacts by the Twilight Deathless and the mass onslaught of werewolves. The defense of the gate and his troop would not hold out for long. “I need more time,” exclaimed Kael out loud. “That can be arranged,” a soft voice spoke and a beautiful she-elf materialised beside him. “Elandria, it is nice for you to drop by,” said Kael.

“Our King has asked me to keep an eye on the situation here, Lord Tactician,” replied Elandria quietly. “Although I do not approve of violence, but I can help you delay the enemy.” Without waiting for his reply, Elandria disappeared in the moonlight.

Mission 6

The Twilight horrors were stalled by Elandria, but her powers could not hold out for long. Seizing the moment, Kael quickly reorganised his troops on the ground. In midst of the tumult, a group of wood dryads escorted a travel-worn Sylvan Ranger towards Kael.

“Hail Lord Tactician,” called out the Sylvan Ranger respectfully. “I have a message from Mistress Illona. She has arrived with help from elf-friend Alessia and her troops.” “Very good. Now, we have the advantage in this battle,” said Kael. “Let`s see what the Twilight Deathless will do next!”

Mission 53

Mission 7

“Impeccable timing, Mistress of Archery!” Kael Lorithien called out to Illona Sindreil. “Good to see that you are well, brother,” replied Illona as she surveyed the battlefield.

Illona`s eyes narrowed warningly when she saw the Necromancer. “I see that some of our ancient enemies are still around.” “Let`s make sure that they do not return, shall we?” remarked Illona with a hint of steel in her voice. “Be careful, Illona. I heard that the specter`s stealth troop can be dangerous,” cautioned Alessia, the Alliance warrior.

Mission 8

"Illona, the specters have slipped through our defense! Get the swiftest of your troop and hunt them down!" Kael Lorithien turned to the rest of the troop. "The rest of you, listen to me carefully! It is time we bring the fight to the dark masters and end it." "You will need me here, Kael. Together we can hold up the attacks and breakthrough the ranks," replied Illona Sindriel.

Elandria quietly spoke up, "Leave the specters to the fey, Kael. The fairies and nymphs will protect the forest with their lives. The specters shall not get through." Elandria's eyes began to glow with white fury as she summoned her powers.

Mission 57

Mission 9

At the battlefield, the rally was a success. Kael created a diversion that allowed Illona`s troop to break through the enemy`s ranks. Elandria, however, was disturbed by the specter`s intrusion, as they had located one of Nature`s magna pools and drained away some energy.

Elandria confided in her handmaiden, “Amaya, someone has betrayed our secrets to the enemies and Twilight has defiled our sacred forest. I need to consult with Eroth tonight.” “Travelling by moonlight is tiring for your spirit, Elandria. Furthermore, Eroth`s home in the southern lands is currently overrun by Chaos. Let me come with you,” beseeched Amaya.

“Very well, we will leave immediately and be prepared to face battle,” replied Elandria.

Mission 10

With Chaos demons rampaging through the southern lands, Elandria and Amaya were unable to find Eroth amidst the war-scarred landscape. Loud explosions from a nearby valley attracted their attention. From the vantage point from the cliff, they saw Demons of Fire burning a giant ancient tree.

“They are killing the tree,” cried Amaya in despair. Suddenly, the giant tree moved and the ground rumbled. A massive tree branch swung out and knocked the demons over like rag dolls. Elandria`s tears fell when she heard Eroth`s war cry rang out across the valley, rallying all Nature creatures to fight the invaders.

S 3


"Thank the great spirit that we found you dear Eroth," exclaimed Elandria as she smiled through tears in her eyes. "Do not despair, my child. I am here now and all is well," replied Eroth gently in a booming voice.

Eroth gestured at the burned ground and spoke, "Scars left by battles, will disappear. In time, trees will return. Nature will heal, we always do."

The Twilight's March (Normal)

The Twilight's March

Mission 58

Twilight has decided to invade the scared forest of Eruilean, the home of Nature. However, Nature will not yield without a good fight.

Mission 1

"We are ready!" proclaimed Ambrosia the Vampire Queen. “With the success of my transformation spell, my army of vampires will break through the eastern boundaries of Eruilean forest. We will strike right into the heart of Nature!” Necromancer Ryx stepped out from the shadows and bowed respectfully to the Queen.

“The Lich King, I mean the Twilight Council, would be pleased to know. We all know how important is tonight`s victory or …” “There is NO NEED to reiterate the importance of the plan because I AM the plan. I came up with it,” hissed Ambrosia. “Watch and learn! The first wave of attack has begun. See how we will crush those heathen archers!” Mission 2

“The skirmishes are quite bloody I must say,” laughed Ambrosia. “Don’t get idle,” warned Necromancer Ryx. “The Nature's reinforcements would arrive pretty soon. We have to break through the archers, only then we got a chance to succeed in tonight`s mission.”

“Don’t worry, my second troop has sniffed out the treefolks and their captain. We will turn the ambush on them instead!” replied Ambrosia with a wide smile.

Mission 59

Mission 3

“Your warghuls were duly defeated, my Queen. What other plans do you have in mind?” said Necromancer Ryx. “The Council will be disappointed, but fortunately the Lich King has taken precautions to send some reinforcements.”

Ambrosia stood by, seething in anger as she watched Necromancer Ryx and his underlings weaved the summoning spells to raise the deathless. On the battlefield, the Nature archers have retreated and all is still. Ambrosia did not like the situation at all. “Watch out, Necromancer! The fairies are up to something,” warned Ambrosia.

Mission 4

“Well Lord Necromancer, looks like your dragon and skeletal steeds are bogged down by those pesky pixies. Hah, what do you intend to do about that?” remarked Ambrosia with a sneer.

“The game is not over yet, Queen Ambrosia.” Necromancer Ryx took out his orb and called up another troop of skeletal army. “Archery would be useless against armour and shields! I will make them bow before me,” swore the Necromancer.

Mission 60

Mission 5

Necromancer Ryx let out a loud diabolic laughter as Nature`s archers retreated behind their outpost due to heavy onslaught by the Deathless army and Ambrosia`s werewolves. He must admit that the werewolves were pretty useful in the battlefield.

Focusing his will, Necromancer Ryx commanded the Bone Dragon to rise up, move forth and crush Nature`s troops. Although he was feeling confident, but the Necromancer was aware he should not underestimate the fairies again.

Mission 6

“Look Queen Ambrosia, some wayward Alliance casters are getting involved in this battle,” remarked the Necromancer. “The party is getting bigger. Shall we send in some reinforcement ourselves?”

“Yes, perhaps it is time we send the specters to finish up what we want to do,” remarked Ambrosia with a smile.

Mission 65

Mission 7

“Is that Lady Alessia together with the Elf wretch? Ah well, she has never liked us much after the tragic accident with her parents which, by the way, is not our fault of course!” remarked Necromancer Ryx to Queen Ambrosia.

“I do not understand what is your fascination with that hot headed redhead. I am more concern about the Mistress of Archery instead. Perhaps we need to call upon your Deathless Knights again?” The Necromancer nodded his head in agreement and replied, “That can be easily arranged.”

Mission 8

Rhion Specter Queen appeared in front of Necromancer Ryx and Vampire Queen. “Specter Queen, why are you here instead of carrying out our plans?” demanded Ambrosia haughtily. “Perhaps there are some interesting progress in the mission, Your Highness?” the Necromancer quickly interrupted to spare the tension between the Twilight clans.

Rhion Specter Queen spoke, “Lord Necromancer Ryx, the fairies and pixies are hindering my mission. My troop is weakened and we need more Magna to replenish our energy.”

The look of disdain on Ambrosia`s face was clear but the Necromancer was aware of the importance of the specter's mission. He quickly replied, “Please take all that you need Specter Queen, and I trust that you will not fail the Twilight Council.” Rhion Specter Queen bowed silently and disappeared.

Mission 64

Mission 9

Necromancer Ryx cursed as he watched his troop being defeated. Kael Lorithien is a formidable tactician and with ease he has taken over command of the Alliance troop and staged an attack on the Twilights.

“We have to hold on until we receive the signal from the specters," said the Necromancer. "Queen Ambrosia, there must be something you can do to hold them back”. Ambrosia reluctantly replied, “I do not like the situation at all, but I will send my vampires and warghuls out. They will stand a better chance against Kael and his troops. Well… they better be!”

Mission 10

“Watch out! Illona has crashed through the ranks! Curses of wolves on them!” cried Ambrosia. “Well, looks like it is time to retreat gracefully, my dear Queen”, replied Necromancer Ryx calmly.

“Before we go, I intend to kill that cursed heathen wretch!” swore Ambrosia. “Might as well, we needed a diversion anyway,” said the Necromancer as he pulled out the Orb of Necros. “Let`s bring down the Mistress of Archery!” cried Ambrosia out loud.

Mission 61


The Necromancer Ryx hid in the shadows and watched Ambrosia, the Vampire Queen and her bodyguards trying their best to crush Illona Sindriel and her troops. He was alert and aware when Rhion Specter Queen made her sudden entrance.

"Necromancer Ryx, the ghost clan had fulfilled our part of the deal. My army will now return to the catacombs." The Necromancer smiled, "So, you found the magna pool after all? Looks like our informer is quite reliable".

"My army drained away as much energy as we could, but our ability is limited," replied the Specter Queen. "But most important of all, the seed of disease?" the Necromancer voice trailed off. "It is planted," replied the Specter Queen quietly. The Necromancer smiled in approval.

The Desert Storm (Hard)

The Desert Storm

Mission 68

Mystikas and Princess Victoria travelled to Crescent Moon`s homeland, crossing path with dangerous beasts and a band of mercenaries.

Mission 1

“Princess, it has been three days since we left Bremen's border and there has been no sight of any Qabals,” said Mystikas. "Have patience, Lord Mystikas. The Lord Protector has warned us that it would not be easy to meet with Shula, the leader of the Crescent Moon," replied Victoria.

Suddenly, a scout riding ahead of the troop gave a shout of warning as the desert sands started to churn violently like an underground maelstrom. Giant spiders crawled out from the sand vortex and attacked the troop. “Arachnii! Their poisons are deadly!” said Victoria. “Healers, get ready!” said Mystikas.

Mission 2

“The spiders are gone,” said Victoria. “But we are surrounded by enemies. Look around, Mystikas!”

Archers and sword wielding figures emerged from their hideout in the desert and circled the Alliance troop. "Looks like some Qabal bandits are mistaking us for easy prey. Well, they will be in for a surprise,” said Mystikas with a smile. Victoria silently gave the signal to her men to raise their shields and weapons.

Mission 70

Mission 3

“Princess, they are not common bandits. Their strategy shows that they are elite assassins. If we want an early audience with Shula, then the leader of the troop is our key,” said Mystikas.

Victoria replied, “That will be the red-headed girl there with the crossbow. I will chase her down now." “Then, I will remain here and create a diversion,” said Mystikas.

Mission 4

Victoria led a small group of riders to capture the red-headed Qabal leader. “Go after the leader, but don't harm her” said Victoria.

Mystikas diversion bought much needed cover for Victoria and her men to get closed to the Qabals. The Qabal's outer flank was caught by surprise when the Alliance riders storm through their defense. Amidst the uproar, a Qabal monk appeared with some Djinns and blocked the Alliance riders' path.

Mission 71

Mission 5

Cut off from her troop, the Qabal leader rode off in the desert after the Djinns were defeated. A far more skillful rider, Victoria quickly caught up with the red-headed Qabal leader.

“We are here to talk! We meant no harm!” cried out Victoria before she jumped off her mount and dragged the red-headed girl to the ground. With a swift kick, the furious redhead flung Victoria backwards and drew out a menacing looking curved knife. “The name is Sa’ida. Remember it as these will be last words you hear.”

Sai'da leaped towards Victoria, but cried out in surprise as skeletal arms emerged from the ground and pulled her down. Immobilised and sinking fast, Sai'da was unable to escape the clutches of the Twilight deathless. Victoria hacked away at the deathless arms and extended a hand towards Sa'ida. "Fight with me!" said Victoria as arrows from skeletal archers fell around them.

Mission 6

The fight was brief as the arrival of the Alliance riders drove away the Twilight deathless. Sa'ida turned to Victoria and extended her hand in friendship. “I am in your debt” said Sa’ida with a smile. “And I am in yours,” replied Victoria in the ancient Qabal custom.

“There were recent attacks on Qabal travelers and I thought your people are the culprits. Clearly I was wrong. Let's get back to our people before more gets hurt,” said Sa’ida. “Let’s make haste then,” replied Victoria. At battleground, Mystikas coolly observed the Qabals casters as they emerged in full force. "Healers to the front! Protect the troop!" Mystikas ordered.

Mission 74

Mission 7

Sa’ida and Victoria cleared the misunderstanding and made peace between their troops. The Qabals led the Alliance troop to a hidden oasis to rest. At night, the troop leaders met up to talk. “You must wait here while our great leader decides if she wants to see you,” said Nereus the Sand Mistress.

“Is it true that Shula's beauty is as impressive as her wisdom? I guess, I will find out soon enough," replied Mystikas with a smile. "Then Lord Mystikas, you must be careful as many men have lost their sight when they meet Shula," said Sa'ida. "Many gladly do so, I am sure, for such a splendid sight," replied Mystikas smoothly.

A sudden explosion from the outside rocked the tent. A Qabal bodyguard rushes in, “General Sa’ida, mercenaries are attacking us!”

Mission 8

The mercenaries launched their attacks under the cover of the night. Sa’ida and Victoria quickly rally their troops to form a circle of defense. "Nereus, give me some light to see where they are!" said Sa’ida. A spell blasted into the air lit up the night briefly and revealed a giant Manticore pacing the desert sands outside the campsite.

Loud laughters rose up from the mercenaries, further unnerved the Alliance and Qabals troop. A masked figure stepped in front of the Manticore, "Give me the Alliance princess and I will let the rest of you go!" Sa'ida replied, "The Princess is my guest. Therefore she is under my protection. I am afraid you will have to find your business elsewhere Tark Max'son."

Mission 75

Mission 9

“If money is what you are after Tark Max’son! We can negotiate a deal and cease the senseless fighting,” said Victoria. “Princess, it is too dangerous for you to approach Tark. We cannot trust this man,” warned Mystikas. Victoria knew her troops and the Qabals cannot hold out for long. “If there is a chance we can use reason instead of force, I have to try and parley with Tark,” replied the Princess.

"Unfortunately I had accepted a mission and my code demands that I honour it, Princess. Perhaps next time, if you are interested in engaging my services, we can work out some other arrangements," replied Tark Max'son.

Mission 10

"If you want to stop the fighting Princess, just give yourself up. I will spare the rest of them," Tark's voice rang out in the night. Mystikas turned to Sa’ida, “Under no circumstances will we surrender the Princess. Lend me some of your men! We have to get closer to stop Tark Max'son!”

A spell blast lit up the night suddenly and rallying cries rose from the Qabals. “I think the leader of the Crescent Moon can do better than that!” replied Sa’ida with a wide smile as the Qabals reinforcements arrived.

S 12


The Qabal reinforcement successfully drove the mercenaries away. After the battle, Sa`ida ushered Victoria and Mystikas to meet with Shula.

"Princess Victoria and Lord Healer Mystikas," said Shula warmly. Victoria and Mystikas bowed in respect. Shula smiled and continued, "These are troubled times. The barrier casts by the Qabal to hold Chaos at bay has failed. Are you here to find out more?"

"Indeed, you are wise, My Lady," said Mystikas. "The barrier was guarded well from the outside. Unfortunately, that is all I can tell," said Shula. "Perhaps we should prepare for the worst and foster better alliance," replied Mystikas carefully.

"Qabal and Alliance walk different paths, Lord Mystikas," reminded Shula. "But, we can be persuaded to set aside old animosity for mutual benefits."

Twilight Games (Hard)

Twilight Games

Story contributed by Crmyzon
Mission 101

The Twilight Council has sent out a challenge to champions across the land, to celebrate All Hallows Eve in a night of games. For glory or power, the heroes gathered at a graveyard in Raventhorn.

Mission 1

Dusk was falling as Fearghal reached the village of Raventhorn, marked on his map. A raven messenger had left a parchment at his quarters some days ago. It read, “The eve of All Hallows draws closer. To mark this occasion you are cordially invited to test your skill in a night of games. The prize, should you choose to accept this call will be more than worth your time. Enclosed are instructions as to the whereabouts of the trials. Come armed.” The bottom of the page was marked with the skull seal of the Twilight Council. Fearghal had set off immediately wanting to know what they are planning.

The village was quiet, eerie. As he rode down empty streets he could see frightened eyes peering through windows. This was not a happy place and nobody but the undead would call for a meeting in a graveyard here. He reached a crypt in the centre of the graveyard to see three other heroes beset by skeletons. He recognised two of them, the elf Alya and Tazzop, a Qabal Monk, the third was an unknown woman. He decided he would ask questions later and, drawing his sword, joined the fray.

Mission 102

Mission 2

Fearghal removed the head of the last skeletal beast. He barely managed to get his shield up when the remains exploded, scattering razor sharp bones. Alerted by a whistling sound, Fearghal spun round to see Tazzop deflecting an arrow meant for his head, with a flick of his palm. With a blast of magic, the mysterious lady felled the last archer and as the sounds of battle cleared, the four walked to the door of the crypt.

The knight nodded to the monk with a smile. “Thank you. Has it not been for your skill, that arrow would have surely stuck home.” “No need,” replied the Qabal warrior, “From here on, we are in this together.”

“Indeed we are,” said the unknown woman. As she placed her palm on the door of the crypt, glowing letters appeared on its surface, they read, “Welcome warriors and congratulations on defeating the guards. Now enter and let the games begin.” The words vanished and the door slid open with shudder. A flurry of bats flew out, taking human form as they surrounded the group. “Vampires,” hissed Alya, “Get ready.”

Mission 103

Mission 3

“Well done,” said Alya, wrenching an arrow from the chest of one of the fallen foes and placing it back in her quiver. “It would appear that someone is not going to make this easy for us.”

“Indeed,” said Fearghal, “now before we venture further I would know who my allies are. I am familiar with your hunting skills Alya, and your speed and reflexes are well known Tazzop, but you my lady are a mystery to me.” The young caster smiled. “You need have no fear of me, I am a friend on an errand. The Twilight Council is behind this and we want to know why.”

“We?” enquired Tazzop. “Unimportant now. Know that my name is Sylvain and I am a friend. Now let us see what other horrors the Council has laying in wait for us within.” She stepped into the crypt before them, her palm began to glow, allowing enough light to see a stone corridor lined with sarcophagi. The lids of the crypts moved. Within moments bandaged creatures were glaring at them with hollow hungry eyes.

Mission 104

Mission 4

There were too many of them. For each foe to collapse to dust more rose. “We must get out of here!” shouted Fearghal, beheading a mummy. “All of you, make for the other end of the corridor,” was Sylvain’s reply. “I will cover your escape. Now go! Quickly!”

The three needed no encouragement, and as they reached the exit to the tomb there was a sudden blast of heat from behind them and screeching moans filled the air. There was the grating of stone, several seconds of silence before Sylvain appeared once more.

They found themselves on a stone staircase leading downwards, there was a stale scent on the air, thick and coppery. “Quiet all of you,” Tazzop whispered. He could hear the sounds of something dripping, softly at first, but then louder. “There!” The monk pointed to the walls above them. Red, gelatinous fluid was dripping from holes in the stone into puddles on the steps below. The puddles were moving, coalescing into monstrous abominations. The blood creatures roared and moved in to attack.

Mission 105

Mission 5

The staircase led out into a perfectly formed garden. It was an underground grotto filled with plants and trees of all kinds. The flowers, which were a mesmerising collection of beautiful colours where being fed by a tiny stream. In a place of darkness it seemed like someone had created a refuge.

“Amazing!” said Tazzop looking around him in awe.

“Tread carefully,” said Alya stringing her bow, “Even the most beautiful things can be deadly.”

She needed to say no more, a vine snaked out, grabbing her wrist.

Mission 106

Mission 6

The battle had been hard but particularly for Alya who seemed visibly distressed. Sylvain placed a friendly hand on her shoulder. “It must have been hard for you to kill your kin.” The elf grimaced. “Those were not my kin, not any more, they were twisted puppets of the Twilight Council. I will avenge their memories by killing whoever turned them.”

Fearghal was more concerned about the situation that they were still in. Until he had come across the forces of nature, he had believed flowers to be something that sat on your window ledge, not something that tried to eat you. He didn’t like that they were still surrounded by them and he certainly didn’t like the fact that he could hear growling.

“You will have time to mourn the loss of your comrades’ later Alya. We have more pressing issues to deal with now.” Lupine faces appeared between the trees, growling and snarling. Wolves ran toward them, straightening as they went, running on hands and feet then standing upright on powerful legs. “Weres!” shouted the elf, drawing her blade.

Mission 107

Mission 7

After defeating the werewolves, the four heroes pressed on with their journey. The lethal garden led onward into another slightly larger cavern. A central walkway bisected rows of neatly laid out plots brimming with vegetables that had long since decayed. At the centre was a scarecrow keeping silent vigil over the rotten food.

As the group travelled through the cave, a voice could be heard. It was as if many voices were speaking as one. Everywhere and nowhere. “You have done well heroes, though you have far yet to travel. We keep watch here in the city of the lost. We are the eyes of our masters and are many.” The scarecrow began to move, stepping from its place in the middle of the room. A flock of black birds flew out from the shadows and landed on its arms. “We are Corvax and you will go no further.” The voice of the crows and scarecrow were as one. “You will feed the gardens. You will feed us.”

The scarecrow was running towards them now, wielding an evil looking scythe. The birds flew off and were also moving to attack.

Mission 108

Mission 8

Fearghal had quickly realised that killing the crows was pointless. They were drawing their power through the scarecrow that kept reanimating them. “Cover me!” he shouted to the rest and charged at the monster.

Fearghal severed the head of the scarecrow and impaled it with his blade. There were many cries of pain, as their terrifying host vanished with the crows. “You will not pass far beyond this room champions, and you have not seen the last of us.” The voice faded and the room fell silent once more. “The council has been busy since I left,” remarked Sylvain. “You are one of them?” said Alya. “Yes and no. My father, a powerful necromancer brought me up to follow in his stead. When I grew up and realised the true nature of the Twilight Council’s schemes, I defied them and left.”

“I feel that she speaks the truth,” said Tazzop. “She has a life about her that does not belong to the ranks of the damned, and the symbol she carries on her robes is no Twilight sign.” The ground was moving as dark creatures clawed their way up from the soil.

Mission 109

Mission 9

Having dispatched the remaining zombies the group travelled onward. They had decided to trust Sylvain, she had proved a valuable ally up to now and had given them no reason to believe otherwise.

They entered a cavern, it was the largest room they had seen on their travels. The walls were marked with hundreds of cavities, all resting places for the dead. At the centre was an empty stone throne. The sound of clapping drew the attention of the four to a figure standing at the end of the hall. “Sylvain, I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist answering our call. I’ll also be able to remove a few other thorns from my side in the process.”

“This city comes alive only once every year. I intend to recruit its denizen’s and for that I need to present a tribute. That tribute will be the four of you. The games are drawing to a close and your prize will be deathless life, should you survive long enough for me to kill you myself that is.” Three witches stepped out from behind the necromancer. “You’re sisters grew to make me proud Sylvain, and now they’re going to kill you.” “Let’s end this!”

Mission 110

Mission 10

The cries from the walls were getting louder as the casters drew back. Spirits began to break away from their resting places, hovering in the air above the four champions.

The stone throne was no longer empty, as a spectral figure with the head of a pumpkin sat there. It looked at the Necromancer with baleful green light glowing from behind its eyes.

“So you have brought a boon for my children? The Council wishes my services once more?” “Yes Hargoth they do, please feel free to take their blood for yourself.” The Necromancer grinned wickedly, gesturing toward the warriors.”

“Children we feed!” With screams and shrieks of joy the ghosts descended upon the four.

S 6ending


The battle was long and desperate but eventually a distracting shot from Alya allowed Tazzop to unleash a killing blow on Hargoth. He howled in anger, disappearing, and his minions fled into the darkness crying mournfully.

Sylvain had her father backed into a corner. "You fools!" scowled the Necromancer, "I will have to wait another year to summon Hargoth again. The Council, will be very upset when they hear of this. You will pay for your insolence! Especially you daughter." He mumbled some arcane words and vanished with the other casters, leaving the room in silence.

The four heroes agreed that at the very least the night`s events had been an excellent test of their skill and they had all gained a very valuable prize in that they had slowed the Twilight Council`s plans and had found one of their strong holds. As the new day dawned, the tiny village of Raventhorn stirred and its people woke up early to honour All Hallows Day. Well rested, the four heroes parted ways, heading back to their respective factions.

The Mercenaries (Hard)

The Mercenaries

Mission 79

Mission 1

Tark Max'son observed his men as they made battle preparations. A militia captain came up to him and salute. "Tark, the scouts confirmed that the dragon is at the end of the valley."

"Good. This time we will get him," said Tark Max'son. "Get everyone in their places and keep a look out for Nature's defenders around the area."

Mission 2

Tark's eyes gleamed with excitement as his men fought with the great dragon, Aberaxtus. This dragon is thought to be the last of its kind in Asteras and he wanted the dragon badly for his personal collection, alive.

With a loud roar, Aberaxtus took flight to the sky and released a great blast of fire. Tark cursed and quickly gave the order, "Release the Griffins and Manticores! Get that bloody dragon down to the ground!"

Mission 80

Mission 3

Aberaxtus cunningly outmaneuvered Tark's troop of brigands and flew away. "Beautiful! One day that dragon is going to be mine!" said Tark Max'son out loud.

Cries from his men down in the valley alerted Tark Max'son. Scores of demon imps flew out from caves in the cliff and attacked the militias. With no time wasted, Tark Max'son got on a Manticore and sprung into the action. As always, his boisterous laughter rallied his men to take heart and to carry on the fight.

Mission 4

"Who are you human? Your men are not common soldiers" a woman's voice called out to the mercenaries' warlord.

Tark Max'son turned around and saw a beautiful she-demon looking at him. "Lady, you have the honour of meeting the best mercenaries in the world!" said Tark with a bow.

Mission 81

Mission 5

Lilianth sent the demon imps horde away and laughed. "What's your name human? Swear allegiance to me and I will reward you with gold, wealth, power and anything your heart's desire."

Tark Max'son laughed. "Lady, for all the riches in the world there is only one thing Tark Max'son wouldn't sell. That is his soul. And my men will work for no one else, but me." Lilianth smiled and replied, "Well, there is time for you to reconsider. Well, at least some."

The ground shook, and Tark raised his sword when he heard the roars of enraged demon lords!

Mission 6

"I will give you the dragon, Tark Max'son," offered Lilianth. "A generous offer," said Tark Max'son. "All you have to do is to bring me the Alliance princess," said Lilianth. Tark curtly replied, "Keep your offer. I would get the dragon myself. But I would run that mission for you for three chests of magna shards!".

Lilianth's eyes widen and narrow dangerously. "With all those shards Chaos are plundering from the Eruilean forest, I am sure you can afford to hire the best people for the job," said Tark Max'son.

Lilianth replied with a smile, "Alright. If you defeat the next Nature troop you encounter, the job is yours." "Consider it done!" replied Tark.

Mission 86

Mission 7

Several days later, Tark Max'son found himself at the desert staking out a meeting point between an Alliance emissary envoy and Qabal troops.

After nightfall, the mercenaries swiftly and quietly surrounded their target's campsite. Tark Max'son reminded his captains, "The advantage is ours but look out for the casters."

Tark Max'son fired the first explosion to start the attack

Mission 8

The Qabals and Alliance troops poured out all their defenses and worked alongside each other. However, Tark's target is the Alliance princess and he does not wish to anger the Qabal.

"Less we have to kill, the better. Break down their morale. Release the Manticore!" said Tark Max'son.

Mission 87

Mission 9

"The Alliance troop is stubborn. Let's see how long more can they hold on to 'Honour above all'," said Tark Max'son to his captain.

"Give up, Princess, before it is too late. How many more would have to die for you?" said Tark Max'son. He touched the Manticore on its flank, and the beast moved towards the Alliance and Qabal troops.

Mystikas and the Alliance casters closed ranks alongside the Princess, intending to lay down their lives if they have to.

Mission 10

Tark Max'son was caught off-guard. The cries from the Qabal troops signalled the arrival of reinforcements. If it is true that the Crescent Moon's leader has arrived, then it is time for him to retreat. He was not paid enough to deal with Shula, the Mistress of Poison.

"Send out spies and fall back with the rest of the men. I will hold them a while more," ordered Tark Max'son to his captain. "Let's move it!"

S4 end


Tark was alone in his tent looking after his wounds from yesterday`s fight when suddenly, Lilianth visage appeared. "Did you capture the Princess as promised?" her voice called out.

"The mission was aborted as the stakes were too high, My Lady. Shula was there, and it requires premium price before I am tempted to deal with her. But for the fee you paid, I have some information that you might find interesting," replied Tark Max`son.

"Good," said Lilianth. "Serve me well and I will reward you richly."

"Well, it is a pleasure doing business with you, My Lady," replied Tark Max`son. Perhaps working with Chaos can be quite lucrative after all.

The Hidden Fortress of Karn (Hard)

The Hidden Fortress of Karn

Mission 88

Chranos, the Karn Knight, travelled to the Alliance kingdom to seek help. Will he be in time to save the fate of his people?

Mission 1

Elystri looked up from a roll of parchment, "I am afraid the King is not holding court today. Send in your petition, Sir …".

"Chranos of Karn," replied a medium build man, in strange armour. "Yes, leave your petition with me Sir Chranos and come back in two weeks time. If the King grants you an audience, then the earliest possible date will be a month from now," said Elystri.

"But, this is an important matter! We had travelled for two weeks, risking our lives and now we have to wait a month?” asked Estraton in disbelief. "You must understand that we are at war now. The King is very busy," replied Elystri. Before Estratron could say another word, Chranos calmly dragged him away. "Two guards on the doorway to the right and another six in the courtyard. The royal court should be just beyond that. On the count of three," whispered Chranos.

Mission 2

The royal guards tried to apprehend the two Karn knights, causing a chaotic uproar in the courtyard. A thunder bolt blasted a stone flag beside Chranos feet. "Stop this madness!" a voice called out. Chranos looked upward and saw an old magician with a long white beard, standing on a balcony.

"How did he do that? I did not see any lighting suit or golems around," asked Estraton. "I would think they work magic differently in this world. He looks like someone important, let me talk to him," said Chranos. "Sir or Lord, forgive me. I have an important message for your King! I must meet with him immediately!""Urgency does not mean you can be impertinent!" replied Myrddin and he released another blast of magic at the Karn knights.

Mission 89

Mission 3

"You carry the tainted scent of Chaos with you. How can I be sure that your intention is honest?" said Myrddin. "I am a Knight of Karn. My word is honour, if honour means anything to you," replied Chranos. Two Bremen knights in full armours marked with the sun insignia, stepped out onto the courtyard.

The older knight, whose stern face was marked with many battle scars, called out, "Here, trust needs to be earned! Draw your swords and let's see what Karn knights are made of."

Mission 4

"King Valius, I must say the Karns have passed the test," Myrddin called out, bringing a stop to the duels. "Yes," replied Valius, lowering his sword. "They did well". Tired and bruised, Chranos and Estraton bow their heads in respect to Valius Magnus, the King of Breman and the Lord Protector of the Alliance Knights.

A fortnight after that, Chranos and Estraton found themselves on the way back to Chaos lands with a troop of knights under the command of Sir Darius Trushield. "You know of a safe passage into Chaos lands?" Darius asked. "This is a more secluded way, but we certainly did not meet them before," Chranos gestured to a group of hooded figures, appearing out of the thick mists.

"Qabals," said Darius. "Stand back and let my men deal with them."

Mission 90

Mission 5

"Turn back, Sir Darius. No man is allowed to pass into Chaos lands by the orders of the Qabal council!" "Vizier Sayeed, I know the Qabals are standing watch to keep cultists away. However, we are Alliance knights on the Lord Protector's mission to fight Chaos. Let us through," said Darius. "Sir Darius, your loyalty to the Alliance is well-known, but even a good soul can be lost to Chaos. I cannot let that happen," replied Sayeed.

"You know they will not listen, Vizier," another figure behind Sayeed voiced out. "I say let them pass, but with conditions." "General Zulfique, nice to see you again," said Darius. “Sir Darius, it has been awhile, but you know the rules. Choose four of your best warriors," replied Zulfique. "I hope you are keeping scores here," said Darius.

Mission 6

"I am glad you have decided to come along in the mission, General Zulfique. I wasn't aware that was the prize for winning," said Darius. "You are welcome, Sir Darius. It is my duty to the Qabal Council to ensure that your souls are not lost to Chaos," replied Zulfique. “Correct me if I am wrong, Sir Chranos, your fortress appeared in the middle of Chaos lands after your great leader Lord Adaptus cast the spell?"

"That is to make the story short. What is important now is to wake Lord Adaptus from stasis and he will take us back to our world again," replied Chranos. "Chaos hounds ahead. We have to take them down quietly and hide our tracks," said Darius.

Mission 91

Mission 7

"Seeing is believing,” said Zulfique out loud, as the troop came in sight of a great fort, rising up from the side of Mount Qaranth. “Welcome to Aetos Dios, the Karn's fortress," said Chranos. “The stronghold is protected by a force-field barrier, an important defense against Chaos hordes.”

"It is common to have fire in your fortress?" replied Zulfique. "What do you mean? No, something is wrong," said Chranos. Darius quickly rally his men, "Knights, to arms!" Not a moment later, Hvrocks and other winged demons filled the air and they swoop down to attack the troop.

Mission 8

Chranos led the troop through a wormhole cast through the fortress’ barrier. Inside, there was not a single Karn to be seen, only golems going about putting off fires and repairing the castle.

"Where is everyone?” said Chranos as he stood in the Great Hall, usually the busiest place in the fortress. A blast of fire appeared in front of Chranos, and in its writhing flames stood Dargoth and his minions. "Looking for your friends?" growled Dargoth. A door to the Great Hall opened and a troop of Karns and golems marched in, led by a tall Karn Knight in black armour.

"What have you done Cyrus!" "I am just taking what is rightfully mine, Chranos,” the knight answered. “Ask your friends to surrender their weapons now.” “Or else what, little brother?” replied Chranos.

Mission 94

Mission 9

To create a diversion, Chranos severed the pillars of the hall with his magical sword and brought down part of the roof. Estraton quickly led the rest into one of the many secret passage ways in the fortress. "The barrier is still up Estraton, Chaos have not taken the fortress completely" said Chranos. "Take the shortest route to the Adaptus chamber. If there are any survivors, they will be holding out there."

Estraton peered out through a spy hole in the wall panel, "Chranos, the hall in front of Adaptus chamber is heavily guarded by artificers and golems. Isme and Deimos are there too. How do we know whose side they are on?” said Estraton. "I trust Deimos. He is on our side," replied Chranos. "Then the question is how they know whose side we are on?” said Zulfique.

Mission 10

“Your brother is a traitor! Chranos! You would expect us to believe you!” said Deimos. “My brother had always wanted me dead, Deimos!” replied Chranos as he dodged another lightning shock from the artificer. “We have brought back the artifact to revive Lord Adaptus. Let’s not waste time arguing here while Chaos is at our heels,” said Estraton.

“Karns may have been fighting Chaos for decades, but you are not familiar with the power Chaos demons wield in this world! They stand amongst you even now,” said Zulfique and she swung her sword at a Peltast, a Karn foot soldier. The shattering of spell revealed the ugly features of Baphemot and other Chaos demons standing amongst Deimos men. "Just like old times," Baphemot snarled at Zulfique, as they stood face to face, dagger to sword.

Mission 96

Mission 11

"Fools, we are just waiting for you to bring the artifact to us!" said Baphemot. "Now, you will die together with your precious Adaptus!"

Darius cut down a Chaos Knight and flung aside an imp. “If you can kill the Adaptus easily, why wait until now? Your words does not fool us, the truth speaks for itself!" Stirred by Darius' spirit, the remnant of Deimos’ troop rallied against Chaos forces, forcing Baphemot to retreat.

Mission 12

"Hand me the Bremen’s brew,” said Deimos to Chranos as they arrived at the sacred chamber. The Adaptus’ body was enclosed in a magical glass, and it was barely visible. Deimos quickly worked his magic through Hyperion and infused the Adaptus with energy from the artifact.

"Chranos, you did not fail me,” the ghost-like Adaptus opened his eyes and spoke. “Alas, I cannot come through to this dimension. If you release me, the Chaos forces will pour through the rift and enter this world. Leave me and save yourself."

"How are we going to defeat Chaos without you, My Lord?" said Chranos. "The fate of Karn and Asteras is connected. You will find a way together," replied Adaptus and his visage disappeared. An explosion sent Zulfique crashing through the chamber’s wall, followed by Chaos horde. “Give me the Adaptus!” growled Balar.

Mission 99

Mission 13

“The traitor’s forces have arrived. I never thought there will be a day, I have to spill Karn’s blood,” said Deimos. “Not today,” replied Chranos. He took up his sword and started smashing the machines that holds the Adaptus magical powers. “What are you doing? Without Adaptus’ magic, the fortress will collapse within an hour!” said Deimos.

"I will let neither Adaptus nor his magic, fall into Chaos hands. Now, we all don’t get what we want. I hope my brother likes it,” replied Chranos with a smile. “Evacuate the people who are loyal to Adaptus! Gather at the South Gate as soon as possible” said Chranos. Meanwhile, Estratron and Zulfique joined forces to fight against the Chaos Archdemons.

S 13


"There goes the fortress," said Estraton as he looked back towards Mount Qaranth. "I hope the Chaos hordes and traitors are nicely trapped in the rubble," replied Chranos. "Good thing Thanatos decided not to remain neutral and joined our side," said Deimos. "Where are we going?"

"To Bremen. The Alliance lands will be your home now. I would not have it any other way," replied Darius. Chranos smiled and clasped Darius` shoulder in response. "Do you think Chaos will come after us?" asked Isme. "They would try, but surely, Thanatos and one thousand Karns will be strong enough to hold them off," said Chranos. "Don`t forget, you have the Alliance Knights and me. Once we are near the borders, the Qabals will make sure we are safe," said Zulfique.

"Always good to have friends," replied Estraton with a wide smile. "Yes, sometimes they are better than brothers."