1. What is BattleCraft?

BattleCraft (BC) is an online trading card game. BC combines collectible cards with a strategy game. Players are given a deck of starting cards and will earn more cards through playing or trading. The game is constantly updated with new cards frequently added.

Players play the role of a Commander that assembles a squad of heroes to suit their individual play style and strategy in the world of Asteras. Players craft their own deck by gathering heroes and mythical creatures from various factions in Asteras.

2. Who is the developer of the game?

Proteus Technologies is an indie game developer. With a small but dedicated team, their goal is to produce a game that is fun and quick to play. To contact the team, you can email them at

3. How do I register for the game?

You have the option of registering for BattleCraft:

  • by using your facebook account through ‘fconnect’, or
  • by filling in the registration form. You will need to verify your registration through a link sent to your email before logging in for the first time.

You also have the option of merging your email login with fconnect login, so you can login the game via either one.

4. Do I need to pay for the game?

BattleCraft is a free to play game. You can however, choose to buy membership and receive additional benefits in the game. You can also purchase Hydra Cash as in-game currency to buy card packs and other items.

5. Do I need to download any application for the game?

No. This is a web-based game. You do not need to download and install any files. To play the game, you only need the Internet browser, Flash plugin (for sound) and an Internet connection. We recommend using browsers that are able to cater for HTML 5 (we highly recommend Google Chrome, latest version).

6. How do I change password?

At the game main page, look for PROFILE and go to EDIT PROFILE. You can change your password and save it on this page.

7. How do I buy Hydra Cash?

You can purchase Hydra Cash at the SHOPS. You can either choose to top up with Paypal, OffGamers or MOL Points.

8. Can I change username?

Once you have set your username (game nick), it is fixed. This is because the system will recognize your username as player’s identification for profile, in-game transaction etc.