Deck Builder

The Deck Builder can be found under the Armory tab.

Troopbuilder rules


BattleCraft deck building rules:

  • A battle troop consist of 8 character cards and 8 support cards.
  • 4 of a Kind - You can have a maximum of 4 of the same character cards.
  • Unique Keyword - Decks cannot contain duplicate unique cards.
  • Legend Keyword - Each deck is restricted to 1 Legend card per deck.
  • Only the tournament decks adhere to a Deck Point (DP) restriction (different for each tournament type). The other PVP and PVE features allow the players to craft their decks without a DP restriction.

Deck Archetypes

There are several deck archetypes that have emerged to be popular and quite effective in its design.

  • Archery/Shock decks - utilizing effective cards with Archery and Shock for an Annihilation victory
  • Ghost deck - utilizing cards with debilitating effects like Cripple and Terror for an Annihilation victory
  • Archery/Animate decks - more attrition based by utilizing the Animate and Necros abilities
  • Siege/Demoralize decks - utilizing effective cards to use direct morale damage for a Morale victory
  • Mesmer decks - utilizing the Mesmer ability to manipulate energy upkeep for a Morale victory
  • Theme decks - utilizing similar type like Knights, Imps or Orcs cards for a synergized approach

These are just a few of the archetypes of decks available in BC. Lots of other combinations and variety provide players with the opportunity to be creative and craft even more devious strategies.